LIT Farms Affiliate Program

Join our LIT Farms affiliate program to start making easy passive income from the comfort of your own home! To get started as a LIT Farms affiliate marketer, click on this link and fill out the simple registration form, are read more to learn about our program.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an ingenious money-making method for anybody who would like to earn an income without having to leave their cozy couch!

Affiliate marketing involves an affiliate, which is you, promoting the products of another company, which in this case is us, LIT Farms.

Using a variety of marketing strategies, affiliates can promote our various products and earn healthy commissions for doing so. 

By doing nothing more than promoting our legal cannabis products within the USA, you can earn extremely healthy commission from each sale made.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing with LIT Farms is so simple that everyone can do it. When you join our affiliate marketing community, you’ll be provided with a variety of educational materials, expert support, and promotional assets to get you started.

Don’t worry, because we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to get started on your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer for LIT Farms. 

Once you’re onboard, you can choose the various legal cannabis products that you would like to promote.

You will be given special affiliate links for the selected products. You can insert these links into your content, whether in your blogs, your social media channels, YouTube videos, and everything in between. 

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases that product, you end up getting a commission of the sale for your efforts.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several big benefits to becoming an official LIT Farms affiliate marketer!

  •   You can make great profits working from the comfort of your own home.
  •   You can also set your own hours. You can create your blogs, YouTube videos, and anything else on your own time.
  •   LIT Farms provides its affiliates with great commissions for successful sales. If you are a successful marketer and have a large following, commissions generated from these affiliate sales could supplement your income, or even become your primary source of income. 
  •   Affiliate marketing for LIT Farms is a great way to monetize what you already do so well. For example, if you already have a cannabis blog, you can easily monetize it by adding our affiliate links into your blog. It’s an easy way to make profits without really having to do very much at all.

Who Is LIT Farms?

LIT Farms is a pioneer in the cannabis community, a company that is at the forefront of providing the highest quality of legal cannabis products to its consumers.

We are dedicated to developing, producing, and selling only the best of cannabis products.

LIT Farms consists of a team of highly experienced growers, artisans, and cannabis experts who come together to cultivate and create a stunning selection of legal gummies, vape products, and more.

For more information, visit our about us page.

Why Become A Lit Farms Affiliate?

When you become a LIT Farms affiliate, you become part of a larger community of cannabis enthusiasts who have the privilege of earning profits through simple affiliate marketing tactics.

This is a great way to earn a substantial income from home while being able to set your own working hours. You could potentially even earn a full-time income that might allow you to finally quit your tedious 9-5 job!

It’s all about being able to do the things you love and earning money for doing them, whether blogging, vlogging, or being a social media influencer.  Don’t forget that you’ll also be a part of a greater cannabis community that is full of knowledgeable and unique individuals.

There are also several programs available. You can choose our Delta-8 affiliate program, the CBD affiliate program, our Delta-9 affiliate program, or even our LIT Farms cannabis seed affiliate program. The bonus here is that you get to promote the products that you love the most!


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Who Are LIT Farms Affiliate Programs Ideal For?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the people who should consider joining our Delta-8 affiliate program.

Cannabis Enthusiasts on Social Media

Using social media is one great way to engage in affiliate marketing. There are several ways of incorporating affiliate links into your social media. You can create a variety of posts where you talk about products and then link out to them.

You may also share your blog posts over social media which contain your affiliate links. You can even go so far as adding affiliate links right into your profile and description.

With the rise of social media influencers, using your clout as a social media personality is a great way to promote products and make sales. You could do all sorts of video reviews, challenges, questionnaires, informational content, and so much more, all of which in one way or another incorporate the affiliate products and links.

Blog Writers Promoting and Reviewing Great Products

One of the best ways to do affiliate marketing is for blog writers to promote and review great products. 

For instance, if you have a cannabis blog, you could occasionally review certain products in a positive manner with the aim of making some sales. 

If you already have an existing blog, this is a great way to monetize it, because you just have to insert affiliate links into your existing content.

YouTube Personalities

Social media isn’t the only place for video creators to perform affiliate marketing. If you happen to be a YouTube personality with a large following, this is another great platform for you to engage in affiliate marketing on.

Billions of people worldwide use YouTube for their video viewing needs, and if you can get even a fraction of these people following you, your chances of making sales through affiliate marketing are very good. 

If you want to be a cannabis YouTube vlogger, joining our LIT Farms affiliate program is a great way to monetize your content.

Affiliate Marketplace Blogs

The other method to consider here, which is perhaps one of the most popular of all, is creating an affiliate marketplace blog. 

This is a special kind of blog dedicated to affiliate marketing and nothing else. It’s a really good way to incorporate as many affiliate products and links as possible, thus increasing your chances of making a profit.

How to Get Started

To get started as a LIT Farms affiliate marketer, click on this link and fill out the simple registration form!