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About Us

LIT Farms, or Lost In Translation, is dedicated to providing all members of the cannabis community with the best that there is to offer, and it all starts with the right seeds and the best of genetics.

We are a collective of generational cannabis pioneers who aim to produce the very best seeds and cannabis products available worldwide, all without the essence and beauty of cannabis artistry being Lost In Translation, excuse the pun!

The focus is on combining proven science and innovative breeding techniques with the art and passion that are all too often missing from the business end of the cannabis industry.

Primarily a seed bank, LIT Farms is here to showcase the amazing results of years of hunting for the very best strains to crossbreed with each other, resulting in some of the most unique, potent, and flavorful cannabis strains in existence.

Not only does LIT Farms have an amazing selection of diverse seeds to choose from, but some truly tantalizing cannabis edibles and vapes as well! All of these are made with the very same seeds and strains that we engineer in-house.

Our commitment is to everyone who would like to be a part of the cannabis community, and we’re here to provide you with the quality, consistency, heart, and passion you deserve day in and day out!

Our History

LIT Farms is proud to be headed by Ray Schiavone, who also happens to be the CEO and owner of Tahoe Hydroponics. Mr. Schiavone had one vision when he first dreamed up the phenomenon that is now LIT Farms, to connect with the average cannabis consumer and to provide everyone with a unique and enjoyable experience.

The inspiration behind Lost In Translation is the hundreds and thousands of dedicated growers and breeders in California who spent countless years hunting for strains, breeding them, and creating unique cannabis profiles for the benefit of those who wish to enjoy the flavors and effects that these amazing plants have to offer.

It still is and always has been about producing the very best and most unique strains of cannabis that can be found on planet Earth.

Lost In Translation is just the latest of one of many brainchilds of Mr. Shiavone, who first launched our brand in Nevada under Tahoe Hydro. Tahoe Hydroponics is an award-winning cannabis cultivation company that took the world by storm in 2016 when it took home first place for the best hybrid flower, indica, and sativa strains at the Jack Herer Cup.

Not long after, our products became available in California as well, quickly becoming one of the most popular brands in the state. In 2022, LIT partnered with Ayr Wellness, one of the largest publicly traded cannabis companies in the USA, which officially brought the LIT line of cannabis genetics to Massachusetts dispensaries.

Most notably, LIT Farms now features a massive cultivation facility that is three stories high, complete with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment designed to grow the biggest, most flavorful, and most potent strains available. These freshly grown plants are then processed into delicious edibles, smooth vapes, and more.

Although we may have started out by breeding and distributing seeds worldwide, we now supply the US market with over 140 strains grown in-house, with hundreds of products to choose from, including flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and more.

Each and every single strain we grow has been carefully selected through many years of intensive research, pheno-hunting, and cross-breeding development, with the aim of not only providing consumers with great THC levels but also terpene-rich flavor profiles that will make your tastebuds tingle with excitement.

Most recently, our Watermelon Mimosa, Mimosa x Watermelon Gelato, and Cherry Cheesecake strains all won the Jack Herer Cup awards!

Our Vision and Mission

Our main vision at LIT Farms is to become the leading authority on cannabis strains globally. Our vision is to be the number one authority that both beginner and seasoned growers alike can rely on for the highest-quality cannabis seeds and accurate growing information.

Moreover, our goal is to become the number-one supplier of colorful, terpene-rich, and potent cannabis strains that you can grow from seed so you can experience the joy of growing your own plants from home.

Not only do we want to have the largest selection of seeds in the world, but the best ones too!

By continuously working with reputable breeders and growers, utilizing innovative cross-breeding processes, and consistently looking to improve potency, flavors, and colors through scientific research and development, we are engaged in an ever-evolving process of producing the most unique and enjoyable cannabis strains available worldwide.

It doesn’t just end with seeds because our product lineup is always expanding as well. As the days pass, we are continuously adding new edibles, vapes, flowers, and pre-rolls to our selection of products.

LIT Farms - About Us

Why Choose LIT Farms?

We’ve told you who we are and what our mission is, but now you might be asking yourself, why should I choose LIT Farms?

Well, the reason is quite simple: we here at LIT Farms are 100% dedicated to providing you, our loyal customers and followers, with the very best that the cannabis industry has to offer.

With LIT Farms, you can rest assured that no matter the product you buy, whether seed, vape, edible, or anything in between, it is always made according to the highest quality standards in the industry.

All cannabis seeds are feminized and individually analyzed for viability so that you are virtually guaranteed to avoid duds. This helps ensure that all LIT Farms seeds have amazing germination rates, plus you’ll never end up with those pesky male plants either.

Every single product we produce goes through strict quality assurance processes, including third-party testing, which is particularly true for our vapes, edibles, flowers, and more. We are dedicated to ensuring that everything we put out for sale has been tested and analyzed to guarantee maximum quality and safety.

There is also the simple fact that we here at LIT Farms never stop researching, innovating, and improving. LIT Farms is not only dedicated to greenery in the form of cannabis but also to the environment and our world in general. This is why we do everything in our power to engage in safe, ethical, and sustainable farming and production processes. It’s not only about providing you with the best that the cannabis world has to offer but also ensuring that there is still a green and clean world left for our children to live in!

The true essence of LIT Farms is the desire to constantly be better, to innovate, and to never look back. It’s about making the world of cannabis more enjoyable, open, and welcoming to anyone who wants to join.

LIT Farms is about providing anybody who wants to be a part of the cannabis community with the best seeds, flowers, vapes, edibles, and more, all while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices that will benefit our world and future generations!


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