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The cross is Animal Runtz x LIT OG. Each pack contains 6 or 12 feminized seeds.

LIT Animal, the exciting offspring of Animal Runtz and LIT OG, emerges as a powerhouse hybrid that captures the essence of its distinguished parentage. A predominantly indica strain, LIT Animal inherits the delectable traits of Animal Runtz, combining them with the best characteristics of LIT OG for a truly exceptional cannabis experience.

From Animal Runtz, LIT Animal acquires a fruity tartness accompanied by a sweet and sour aroma, enriched with high levels of caryophyllene, limonene, trans-ocimene, and alpha-bisabolol. This indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) showcases a frosty appearance and a tantalizing taste profile, featuring notes of cherry and citrus that elevate the overall smoking experience. Its lineage, rooted in the renowned Animal Cookies and Runtz, adds to the strain’s appeal, having descended from High Times Medical Cannabis Cup winners.

The growth characteristics of LIT Animal reflect the hardiness of Animal Runtz and the ambitious upward growth of LIT OG. Dense bud clusters, filled with popcorn-shaped nuggets of yellow-green-purple goodness, contribute to its visual allure. The plant’s natural growing pattern is characterized by upward growth, reaching normal full plant sized heights of about 180cm when cultivated outdoors, when factoring how the parent strains grow. The opaque amber trichomes provide a distinctive yellow tint, further enhancing its visual charm.

LIT Animal proves to be an accessible choice for growers of any experience level. Thriving in various environments, it is a low-maintenance and hardy plant, making it ideal for new and beginner-level cultivators. With a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and a harvest time at the end of September, LIT Animal rewards growers with impressive heavier yields.

Overall, LIT Animal stands out as a top-tier strain, blending the excellence of Animal Runtz and LIT OG. Its higher-than-average THC levels contribute to its potent effects on the body, making it a preferred choice for those seeking top-shelf quality. Don’t miss the opportunity to cultivate and enjoy the unique and long-lasting cannabis experience offered by LIT Animal, a true testament to the fusion of two exceptional parent strains.

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6 seeds, 12 seeds, 6 wholesale, 12 wholesale


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