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8 Bagel #2 Strain Review

8 Bagel #2 Strain Review

By far, one of the most interesting and rarest cannabis strains out there is 8 Bagel #2. Yes, it has a very interesting name, and its very unique name is a testament to just how rare it is.

If you are lucky enough to find this very potent, tasty, and hard-to-come-by strain, we definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s not often available in many places, and when it is, it usually sells out very quickly.

Although it might not actually taste like a bagel, it does have a very pleasant aroma and flavor when inhaled, and its effects are often sought after as well.

Right now, we want to do an in-depth review of the 8 Bagel #2 strain to see exactly what you are in for. We’ll take a closer look at its appearance, genetics, THC content, effects, flavors, and more.


What Is the 8 Bagel Strain?

The 8 Bagel #2 strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that can contain fairly high levels of THC. Due to its potency, it’s usually recommended for more experienced users, but beginners can certainly give it a try as well, as long as they take it easy.

You can expect to pay a good deal of money for this strain. Its rarity results in quite a high price, although we think trying it at least once is well worth the investment.

We guarantee that you’ve never tasted anything quite like it, and you should like its relatively relaxing and calming effects as well. Let’s take a closer look at where this strain comes from and what you can expect if you consume it.

8 Inch Bagel Strain Appearance

8 Bagel #2 is absolutely one of the most beautiful-looking cannabis strains out there, and a lot of this has to do with its colors. Here, you will see an abundance of purple leaves, particularly large purple sugar leaves.

You’ll also see a massive amount of orange pistils and a whole lot of thick white crystals that are loaded with THC, and you might even find a bit of green underneath as well.

This has to be one of the most purple and orange buds that we have ever seen on a single flower. As for the shape, these buds are somewhat elongated, kind of like little spades. They’re also fairly dense and sticky.

8” Bagel Strain Genetics

The 8 bagel #2 strain is an indica-dominant strain that has two very popular parents, plus high THC levels too. Let’s find out exactly where this strain comes from.


The 8 Bagel #2 strain is a cross between GMO and Project 4516. First, we have GMO, otherwise known as GMO cookies, which is a very strong indica-dominant hybrid strain that can contain upwards of 28% THC and is well known for its calming and sedating effects. We then have Project 4516, which is also a potent indica-dominant strain with high THC levels.

THC/CBD Content

8 Bagel #2 may contain anywhere between 19% and 25% THC, with roughly 23% being average. As you can tell, this means that it is a fairly potent strain. Anything over 20% THC is usually considered to be very potent, and caution is therefore recommended, particularly for beginners.

Just a few hits off of a joint or bong should be more than enough to get a beginner stoned, and a nice little joint should do even the most experienced of cannabis veterans just fine as well. It’s certainly one of the higher-potency strains out there at this time.

8 Bagel #2 Strain Terpenes

Although this strain contains a variety of terpenes, the most dominant one present is caryophyllene, which results in the distinct flavor of 8 bagel #2, and we’ll take a look at it below.

8 In Bagel Strain Effects

Many people appreciate the 8 Bagel #2 strain due to its effects. Once again, this is an indica-dominant strain, so you can expect it to be extremely relaxing, calming, and sedating in nature.

It’s known for producing a very relaxing mental high that puts you in a serene state of calmness and allows your troubles to melt away.

It also results in feelings of happiness, elation, and general euphoria. You can also expect a strong body high to occur, and you should feel like you’re sinking into your couch.

You’ll probably feel quite heavy, tingly, and sedated in general. If you need a type of weed that will help relax you, potentially relieve some pain, and help you get a good night’s sleep, then 8 Bagel #2 is certainly worth considering.


8 Bagel #2 Strain Review 2

8 Bagel #2 Strain Reported Flavors

The most dominant flavors you will taste when smoking this strain include gas, garlic, and pine. It also has a good bit of earthiness to it. If you like unique and strong flavors, it’s a good strain to check out.

8 Bagel #2 Strain Growing Info

The 8 bagel #2 is so rare, with a lot of information about it being kept under lock and key, that there isn’t much growing info to share. The only thing that we can really tell you about growing it is that you can expect the flowering period to last over 65 days, the plants are fairly short and bushy, and the yields are quite high.

Strains Like 8 Bagel #2 Strain

If you are looking for some really potent strains, we recommend checking out Hindu Kush, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, Project 4516, GMO Cookies, and Super Lemon Haze.

Final Thoughts

Although the 8 Bagel #2 strain might have a bit of a weird name, we guarantee that the majority of people out there will absolutely love it. It tastes fantastic, and its effects are very pleasant as well.

8 Bagel #2 Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about 8 bagel #2.

What is 8 Bagel 2 Strain?

8 bagel #2 is an indica-dominant strain with 23% THC on average.

Is 8-inch Bagel Strain Indica or Sativa?

Although 8 bagel #2 contains some elements of sativa, it is heavily indica-dominant.

What Does 8 Bagel Strain Taste Like?

The 8 Bagel #2 strains taste like gas, garlic, and pine, along with some earthiness.