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Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Review

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Review Flower

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Review

Welcome, fellow cannabis connoisseurs! Today, we have a treat in store for you as we dive into a flavorful and fascinating strain review that’s bound to pique your interest (and your taste buds). Say hello to the Lemon Cherry Garlic strain, a tempting trichrome-coated delight that will leave you feeling invigorated, uplifted, and buzzing with positive vibes.

Sit back, light up, and read on as we take a journey through this amazing strain’s genetics, aroma, flavor, effects, and much more!

What is the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain?

The Lemon Cherry Garlic strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing GMO and Lemon Cherry Gelato. This combination has resulted in an incredibly flavorful strain that boasts a range of mouth-watering and unique tastes.

Thanks to this potent genetic combination, it inherits the best traits from both its parents, leading to a unique and unforgettable smoking experience.

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Appearance

The Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain has a bright and inviting appearance. The buds are large and fluffy and have an alluring bright olive-green color with flecks of purple throughout. It features some orange trichomes that sparkle in the light. You’ll also notice an exaggerated layer of white trichomes which brings out the contrast of colors and gives it a nice sheen.

When broken up, you can see that the nugs are dense and have a pungent aroma of lemon cherry garlic combined with earthy undertones. It’s not too overwhelming, but it is enough to make your nose take notice.

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Genetics

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain is made by crossing GMO and Lemon Cherry Gelato.

GMO is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is known for its pungent and skunky flavor. It’s made by crossing Chem Dawg and GSC. Chem Dawg is a heavy-hitting and powerful strain that provides its consumers with an energizing and uplifting head high. GSC (a.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) is an Indica-dominant strain that provides a mellow and relaxing body high coupled with a sense of euphoria.

Lemon Cherry Gelato is another Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has Sunset Sherbet and GSC as its parents. It’s a strain that primarily has citrus and lemon flavors, as the name suggests. There are some sweet notes as well contributed by the GSC. Overall, it’s a pretty decent, well-rounded strain that gives us the best of both sweet and citrusy notes.

Combined, these three powerhouses make Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain a perfect blend of effects and flavors. The strain is known for its fruity yet pungent aroma with hints of cherry and garlic. It’s said to provide an exceptionally calming body high that helps the consumer feel relaxed without feeling too sedated or weighed down.

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain THC/CBD Content

The Lemon Cherry Garlic strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with an average THC content of around 16%-22% and a CBD content of around 0.1%. However, it’s worth noting that the THC levels can increase or lower depending on several factors, such as the grower’s cultivation methods, the strain’s genetics, and the curing process.

Those who enjoy the effects of THC-dominant strains will find that Lemon Cherry Garlic provides a pleasant and buzzy head high with physical relaxation.

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Effects

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Effects

As an Indica-dominant strain, the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain presents the following potential effects:

  • Relaxation: The most apparent and immediate feeling of the strain is a deep relaxation that blankets your body. This physical sense of comfort can be a great way to unwind after a long day.
  • Euphoria: With its high THC content, this strain can also provide an intense wave of euphoria that will put you in an uplifting mood for hours.
  • Clear-headedness: Despite the relaxation and euphoria, this strain will also keep you alert and focused on whatever task or activity is at hand. Enjoy the best of both worlds!
  • Hunger: The Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain is known for causing munchies, so prepare yourself with some snacks before your session!

However, it’s worth noting that the effects of the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain will vary depending on factors such as:

  • Individual tolerance: Different people may react differently to the strain due to individual differences in metabolism and biology.
  • Strain potency: The strain’s THC levels will range from batch to batch, so check your product’s cannabinoid profile.
  • Dosage: The amount you consume will also play a role in the intensity of your experience. Start low and gradually work your way up to find the sweet spot that works best for you!

These factors are a testament that there’s no universal “one size fits all” experience with the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain. This strain is a great choice for those looking to unwind and relax after a long day.

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Reported Flavors

The dominant flavor in this strain is lemon, but with a hint of cherry and garlic underlying it. This gives it a tangy sweetness that many people find enjoyable. Others have also reported a strong cheesy note coming through from this strain with its strong garlicky aroma.

Some have also noted a herbal and earthy taste from the Lemon Cherry Garlic strain. These notes are subtle but still noticeable, giving it a unique flavor profile not found in other strains. The earthy notes give this strain a more woody flavor that lingers on the tongue. It’s not overpowering but still gives it a unique flavor.

Of course, the dominant note due to the genetics is lemon which brings out all the other flavors nicely and helps to round off the overall taste of the Lemon Cherry Garlic strain.

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Growing Info

Growing the Lemon Cherry Garlic strain is a real treat, with its easy-to-grow properties and fast growth rate. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, allowing for immense flexibility in terms of growing. It typically flowers within 8-9 weeks and yields between 14 to 16 ounces per square meter under ideal conditions.

It’s advisable to space out plants in your growing area. This is because they tend to grow tall and lanky, making it difficult for plants in the middle of a crop to get all the light they need.

Topping or pruning this strain is recommended, as it helps to promote a better structure and bushier growth. It’s also advised to use grow tents with proper ventilation for the best results.

When growing outdoors, make sure to provide the Lemon Cherry Garlic strain with plenty of sunlight and water. The plants can also benefit from a healthy dose of organic compost or fertilizer for optimum results. Also, check the pH levels of the soil and water to ensure that they are right for optimal growth.

Strains Like the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain

Tropicana Cookies is a strain that shares a fruity and citrusy flavor profile with a bit of sweetness. Known for its uplifting effects, Tropicana Cookies might appeal to Lemon Cherry Garlic fans who appreciate its euphoric experience.

Garlic Bud is another example of the many potent lemon strains, known for its pungent aroma and flavor that’s a mix of skunky and spicy garlic. Its relaxing effects could satisfy those who enjoy the calming properties of Lemon Cherry Garlic.

Cherry Pie shares the cherry component with Lemon Cherry Garlic. It also provides a balanced experience of physical relaxation and cerebral high.

Where to Find the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain

Lit Farms is the #1 producer of the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain. We believe in the highest quality and only use the freshest ingredients to produce this strain.

Our growing process is 100% organic and sustainable, meaning you can rest assured that it is free of any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Once the plants have matured, they are hand-harvested and carefully trimmed before being dried and cured in a temperature-controlled environment. This ensures that all of the unique terpene profiles, florals, flavors, and aromas are preserved for an unforgettable experience.

Our products are third-party tested in certified labs to ensure safety, quality, and potency. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest standards of cannabis products on the market. Order from us today!

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain FAQs

Is Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. This means it has more of a relaxing and soothing effect than an uplifting and energizing one.

What Are The Effects Of Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain?

The effects of the Lemon Cherry Garlic Strain are quite balanced, with both indica and sativa qualities. Consumers tend to feel relaxed and at ease without feeling overly sedated or sluggish. Many people report an increase in creativity and focus, as well as feeling happy and uplifted.

Keep in mind that actual effects can vary based on numerous factors, including the specific phenotype of the strain, the growing conditions, and the individual consumer’s tolerance and biochemistry.

Is Lemon Cherry Garlic Exotic?

An exotic strain is a cannabis strain that is rare, difficult to grow, and has unique qualities. Lemon Cherry Garlic is definitely an exotic strain due to its unique combination of flavor and effects. It’s a very rare find. It takes a lot of effort, experience, and knowledge to grow Lemon Cherry Garlic successfully.