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Does Delta-8 Vape Smell Like Weed?

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Vaping is one of the many ways of taking cannabis. It’s a modern practice that keeps improving as new vaping devices are manufactured. But in a world where people can be judgmental, being discreet helps a lot.

Weed has a characteristic smell; no doubt about that. Some people love the different scents and aromas, while others aren’t as enthusiastic about them. So, if you use cannabis and scent and aroma matter to you, you’re in the right place.

Delta-8 vapes have become quite popular owing to the potential therapeutic and recreational benefits of this cannabinoid. But what about the smell? Can you blissfully vape on your patio without nosey neighbors wondering what in the heavens you’re burning?

In this article, we address the small matter of Delta-8 vapes and scent. Do they smell like weed?

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8 THC is a compound in cannabis whose effects are comparable to traditional THC (Delta-9).
  • Delta-8 can be made into many products, vape carts being one of them.
  • While cannabis has a characteristic skunky smell, pure Delta-8 is almost odorless.

What Does Delta-8 Smell Like?

Delta-8 THC is a mildly psychoactive chemical in cannabis. Although cannabis produces over 100 natural cannabinoids, some, like Delta-8-THC, exist in small amounts.

While weed is known for its characteristic skunky smell, not all cannabis compounds have that smell. Pure Delta-8, for example, has little to no scent! Weed derives its aroma primarily from compounds called terpenes, although other plant matter like chlorophyll also affects the scent profile.

Generally, the aroma of Delta-8 typically varies based on the strain from which it is extracted. Equally, the extraction and processing methods may also impact the scent.

That said, manufacturers sometimes add terpenes to create a specific scent and aroma. As such, Delta-8 products can have varying smells depending on the terpenes they contain.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds produced by plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for the distinct scents and flavors of various cannabis strains and may also have potential therapeutic advantages.

Terpenes can be derived from cannabis (cannabis terpenes) or other plants (botanical terpenes). When cannabis terpenes are used in Delta-8 THC cartridges, they smell more like cannabis or hemp. Overall, terpenes generally mimic the aroma of cannabis or the plant(s) from which they are extracted.

Delta-8 THC Products with Slight Scents

If you’re not into scents and aromas, subtle-scented hemp products may serve you better. Fortunately, several Delta-8 THC products have mild aromas that are hardly perceptible, making them ideal for users who want to be discreet.

These products suit users seeking the therapeutic benefits of Delta-8 without worrying about being smelly. Let’s talk about a couple below.



These are cannabis liquid extracts taken via the mouth (orally). Tinctures can be flavored with various natural fragrances and are typically made with oil or alcohol as the base. Because they are easy to use, tinctures are among the most popular methods of consuming Delta-8 THC.

Many tinctures have a mild aroma that is not overpowering. The specific smell is determined by the ingredients used to make the tincture. Lavender, mint, and citrus are a few standard scents.

However, an unflavored tincture might be worth a try if you’re searching for a very subtle taste. Most pure tinctures are made with MCT oil and pure Delta-8 THC extract, which have mild aromas of their own.


Delta-8 edibles are an excellent choice for individuals who wish to reap the benefits of Delta-8 without bothering about scent. Edibles are foods that have been infused with cannabis. Delta-8 edibles are similar to typical edibles (such as CBD gummies or marijuana brownies), except they are loaded with D8.

Gummies, candies, brownies, biscuits, etc., are popular edibles today. Besides being subtly scented, gummies and candies are discreet and can be consumed anywhere.

For people who desire the benefits of Delta-8 without the overpowering scent typically emitted by smoking and vaping, edibles are the real deal.

Overall, if you don’t like strong scents, avoid cannabis products containing cannabis-derived terpenes. These tend to have a skunky and earthy aroma because they are directly extracted from cannabis. Instead, go for products made with botanical terpenes, which are fruity and sweet.

Delta-8 THC Products with Strong Scents

Some cannabis users aren’t intimidated by scent or aroma. In fact, for these users, the sweeter the smell, the better if it’s strong for an authentic cannabis experience. Many such products are on the market if you belong to this camp. These include Delta-8 vape cartridges, Delta-8 THC distillates, Delta-8 moonrocks, and Delta-8 flowers (also buds).

As we mentioned earlier, the smell of Delta-8 varies depending on the strain of cannabis from which it was produced. Vape carts tend to have strong scents. But, they dissipate quickly since the vapor is not as thick as smoke. The smell doesn’t linger long when vaporized in an enclosed space.

However, dabbing sauces tend to produce larger clouds with relatively longer scents. Moreover, dabbing often requires an assortment of equipment, so it’s different from a method that a user seeking discretion would prefer.

Overall, Delta-8 isn’t known for having a potent or overpowering smell like marijuana.

Does Delta-8 Smell Like Weed?

Weed’s signature smell is due to terpenes naturally occurring in the plant. As mentioned earlier, a strain’s terpene profile usually determines its scent and flavor, with most exhibiting sweet, earthy, cheesy, or citrusy aromas.

Having said that, it’s noteworthy that in its pure form, Delta-8 is almost odorless. So, not all Delta-8 products have a weed-like smell. However, when infused with cannabis terpenes, these products adopt different weed-like smells and flavors.

Do Delta-8 Vaporizers Smell?

Vaporizers are among a family of new devices used to consume inhalable cannabis products. They function by heating a liquid solution containing cannabinoids, e.g., Delta-8 THC, resulting in a vapor that is inhaled.

Depending on the specific cannabinoids and flavorings used, a vaporizer’s aroma may vary, but it is often neither overbearing nor pungent. A subtle herbal or earthy aroma may be detectable by some people, but it is usually not noticeable by many.

This is because Delta-8 THC cartridges are typically made from hemp-derived CBD. The transformation from CBD to Delta-8 involves processes that alter the characteristics of the final product. As a result, Delta-8 THC loses much of its original cannabis traits when you vaporize it. For example, the smell of hemp or cannabis may still be present, but it won’t be as strong as when you smoke a joint.

This makes vaporizers a good option for users who want to be discreet.

Do Delta-8 Carts Smell Like Weed?

It’s not uncommon for Delta-8 carts to smell like weed. After all, most of the Delta-8 in carts and other products is derived from cannabis. So, while Delta-8 carts can smell like weed, not all do. Those that do are mostly vape cartridges and dabbing sauces, with a few exemptions here and there.

The main benefit of vape carts is that their scents dissipate quickly because they produce vapor instead of smoke. Smoke contains many other compounds, including unburnt carbon atoms, which help carry the smell when they stick to surfaces.

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Final Thoughts

For users averse to the intense effects of conventional THC, Delta-8 is a great alternative. It offers many of Delta-9’s recreational and therapeutic benefits at a fraction of the cost. It doesn’t produce the adverse side effects of THC but still makes you moderately high.

Another common worry among cannabis users is the smell. When you smoke weed, its scent lingers on you for a while, something some users find offensive. Vaping isn’t exactly scent-free, but it offers more respite.

However, depending on the ingredients used to make a vape cart, it may or may not smell like weed. Generally, vape carts infused with cannabis terpenes produce a weed-like scent compared to those with botanical terpenes.

Does Delta-8 Vape Smell Like Weed: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta-8 smell when you smoke it?

Pure Delta-8 is almost scentless. However, this cannabinoid is often mixed with other cannabis compounds, e.g., terpenes and other cannabinoids. In this form, it can produce a scent when smoked.

Can you test positive if you smoke Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a ‘THC’ much like Delta-9. When ingested, they are broken down in the liver into metabolites that can be detected in drug tests. So, it’s possible to test positive if you smoke Delta-8.

Does Delta-8 smell sweet?

As mentioned earlier, pure Delta-8 is almost odorless. However, terpenes can be added to enhance a product’s flavor and aroma. Botanical terpenes generally have sweet and fruity flavors and scents.

What are the symptoms of being high on Delta-8?

Even though Delta-8 is not as psychoactive as Delta-9, it’s psychoactive nonetheless. This means it can induce a mild high. Some signs of being high on Delta-8 are nausea, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, short-term memory loss, and altered sense of time. However, paranoia and anxiety are not common.